Immunology experience Dr. Pfeiffer or Dr. Reichel-Fentz

  • Hello girls.

    I'm getting in touch again after the shock of the miscarriage, now with renewed strength.

    Who of you has experience or has had their immune system checked with treatment?

    Did it help you to get pregnant and stay pregnant and did everything go well?

    Who was where?

    And how did the whole thing go?

    Did you have to pay yourself or does the health insurance pay?

    If so, how much does it cost?

    We would like to have it done at my place beforehand. Our next transfer is due to take place in the summer.

    I would be very grateful for your answers.

    Best regards Lilu87 :)

  • Hello Liliu87

    Welcome to the forum.

    I am very sorry about the miscarriage.

    I had considered Reichel-Fentz / Pfeiffer, but we were always advised against it.

    Ultimately, I understood that even if "something came out", the treatment would have been Intralipid and a Czech clinic would have prescribed it for me without the expensive diagnostics. That's why I never actually tried it and can't say anything about it.

    Diagnose: vorzeitige Wechseljahre, AMH nicht messbar, Bj 80

    1 x IUI - negativ | 2 x IVF - negativ | 2 x IVF - abgebrochen, keine Eizellen | 3 x EZS - negativ

    03/2021 - Hysteroskopie, geringgradige Zervitits

    4. EZS - negativ

    Klinikwechsel nach CZ

    11/2021 - ERA-Test Teil 1, EMMA, ALICE unauffällig

    12/2021 - MRT

    01/2022 - ERA-Test Teil 2 (--> 156h Progesteron)

    02/2022 - 5. EZS (hCG - TF+11 = 77,7 - TF+15 = 379 )

    03/2022 - <3 schlägt

    04/2022 - es wird ein ... :male_sign:

    10/2022 - Baby ist da! <3

  • Hello Liliu 87!

    I went to Pfeiffer - but had no immunological abnormalities - the health insurance paid for it.

    During all my transfers, I always saw a doctor who works with him. As soon as the transfer took place, blood was always sent to his laboratory to see if my immune system was "galloping" ...

    Basically the recommendation is always - high doses of Omega 3 and Intralipid.

    When I was really pregnant, the blood wasn't really noticeable either, but then his recommendation is always light doses of cortisone.

    I think the Pfeiffer made sense to assess the immunology, but if you are really pregnant, you actually have to see what your immune system is doing... because it's not really predictable!!!

    If we start with the EZS, I won't do it for the time being, because the visits to the doctor were time-consuming because of the travel and expensive!!! And actually I never really had an immunological problem, as the many years have shown!


  • Hello you 2.

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    I always get cortisone from the Czech clinic and I also take high doses of Omega 3.

    I don't know Intralipid at all. I would have to ask our clinic about that.

    We are due to continue in the summer.

    That's why I thought it might make sense to have it checked beforehand. You don't want to leave anything untried.